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Cupping Havertown, PA

Cupping Therapy in Delaware County, PA

Lubrano Pain & Spine Center provides an effective and affordable approach to cupping therapy in Havertown, PA. Cupping can alleviate headaches/migraines, anxiety, back pain, and other types of pain. 


Dr. Tony Lubrano uses a multi-conditional dynamic cupping massager that combines cupping therapy with a smart massage feature and built-in red light therapy. This cutting-edge cupping therapy is great for pain management, stiffness, arthritis, inflammation, muscle spasms, and muscle recovery. 

If you want effective and safe cupping to address your pain, contact Lubrano Pain & Spine Center at (610) 446-4808 or by emailing us at

Benefits of Cupping

Cupping assists in blood flow and oxygen in your body and has been shown to help with many different types of pain. It acts as a tool for pain management, stiffness, arthritis, inflammation, as well as muscle spasms and sports injuries.


Below are some common types of pain that cupping can help you manage.

Back/Neck/Shoulder Pain

Strains or injuries can lead to back, neck, and shoulder pain, which cupping therapy can help relieve. Cupping promotes blood flow in the body which reduces inflammation in the muscles and encourages cell repair. This type of pain management alleviates muscle pain, making it great for athletes or those with chronic pain.


To alleviate anxiety, we glide the cup across your skin. This activates your parasympathetic nervous system, slowing your heart rate, aids digestion, and increases gland activity. The gentle movements resemble a deep tissue massage where blood rushes to the target area and relaxes your muscles. When your body is relaxed, your mind often follows.


Cupping therapy can relieve headaches and migraines. Migraines caused by stress restrict blood flow to the brain. During cupping, we place the cups on the face and neck, moving them slowly toward specific areas to increase blood in that direction.

Varicose Veins

Cupping therapy creates suction around your spider and varicose veins. The treatment pulls oxygen and new blood to the area, revitalizing your veins. Over time the throbbing cramps related to varicose veins will subside.

Cupping Therapy Cost in Havertown, PA

A typical cupping therapy cost in Havertown, PA, ranges from $40 to $80 per session. You may need multiple sessions to reach your desired level of pain management. At Lubrano Pain & Spine Center, we strive to make our cupping treatments efficient and affordable so you can get the pain relief you need fast.

Types of Cupping Therapies

Wet Cupping

During wet cupping, we first puncture your skin. Once the cup is placed on the skin, the suction draws out blood. This version of cupping draws out toxins and other substances from your body to boost the healing effect that the rush of fresh blood to the area causes.

Why Choose Lubrano Pain & Spine Center

Lubrano Pain and Spine Center is dedicated to helping you get pain-free fast. Dr. Lubrano uses a cutting-edge massaging tool that combines cupping, smart massage, and red light therapy. The dynamic cupping technology uses a rhythmic alternation of suction and release to boost your blood circulation faster and speed up recovery. 


This cupping machine has multiple suction modes and intensities that allow us to tailor your treatment specifically for you. The red light in the cupping machine helps treat bone, skin, and muscle injuries. Altogether, this specialized approach treats pain, inflammation and stimulates muscle tissue growth to help you with any type of pain management.

What Patients Are Saying

“My visits with Dr. Tony are a crucial part to my health regimen. As a fitness instructor I am constantly putting my body under stress + he is my saving grace.”


Maria P.

Mixed Martial Arts

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