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Dr. Tony is the best! I am a collegiate athlete, and he was able to treat all of the tightness + soreness that I had. I can't wait to go back.

Chase F.
Student Athlete

My visits with Dr. Tony are a crucial part to my health regimen. As a fitness instructor I am constantly putting my body under stress + he is my saving grace.

Maria P.
Mixed Martial Arts


As a powerlifting competitor, it is crucial to my success to keep my spine aligned and everything functioning at it's best. Not only are my visits with Dr. Tony necessary, I enjoy them every time and leave feeling my best! 

Ingmar C.
Powerlifting Competitor 

Dr. Tony is the best in the business hands down. As a student athlete, my body is always aching and hurting in different places. After Dr. Tony listened to my story, he understood exactly what to do and went above and beyond to make sure I was ready to go for my next game. Super smart guy, deep knowledge, and awesome personality.

Richard J.
Student Athlete

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