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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy in Havertown, PA

Lymphatic Drainage Massages in Delaware County, PA

Lubrano Pain & Spine Center uses state of the art lymphatic enhancement technology for lymphatic drainage therapy in Havertown, PA. Lymphatic drainage therapy is a type of massage therapy that moves lymph fluids, which help remove waste and toxins, around the body. This promotes pain relief from afflictions like lymphedema, fibromyalgia, insomnia, and arthritis.


Dr. Tony Lubrano is dedicated to natural pain management and has years of experience and expertise with lymphatic drainage therapy. He uses a state of the art lymphatic enhancement therapy machine that is only found in a few clinics around the country. This massage therapy is a natural alternative for medication and surgery.


If you want a natural approach to your pain management, lymphatic drainage therapy in Havertown, PA, can help you find relief. Schedule an appointment by calling Lubrano Pain & Spine Center at (610) 446-4808.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Benefits

Lymphatic enhancement therapy is a  non-invasive, gentle detoxification massage therapy used to improve lymphatic integrity and restore lymphatic flow and function for pain whether it's chronic like arthritis or an autoimmune disorder. Using glass pyrex bulbs that emit low-energy, vibrational frequencies, L.E.T. encourages toxins, excess fluid, cellular waste and proteins accumulated between the cells to safely exit through the body’s natural elimination channels. Lymphatic drainage therapy increases an overall feeling of well-being and can help restore your lymphatic system to optimal health within a few sessions.


The lymphatic system acts as a part of the immune system. The system moves around lymph, a fluid that carries proteins, water, waste, and other elements around the body. Lymph nodes filter out this fluid and promote immune functions, which reduce swelling and improve circulation. 


Below are some common pains that this lymph movement can treat:

Migraines and Chronic Pain

Migraines are headaches that cause severe throbbing or pulsing pain. By encouraging the flow of fluid, a lymphatic drainage therapy can help relieve the hyperexcitability of the sympathetic nervous system. The light repetitive movements in LET  provide a pain-relieving effect and reduce the pain signals sent to the brain.


This ailment is a musculoskeletal disorder that amplifies painful sensations in your body. It can cause body pains, fatigue, headaches, sleep issues and contribute to stress and anxiety. By improving your blood and lymph circulation, this pain management technique promotes relaxation and helps you sleep easier. 


Lymphatic drainage therapy in Havertown, PA, can help reduce swelling and increase circulation by draining the built up fluid from muscle contractions. 


A properly working lymphatic system delivers new white blood cells to your joints, which can help prevent damage from arthritis. Those with rheumatoid arthritis can also benefit from this type of massage therapy. As the disease progresses with time, movement of the joints can become much more taxing and start to swell more. Lymphatic drainage therapy involves massaging problem areas to increase circulation and lessen the pain that symptoms cause. 


Lymphedema is the swelling of an extremity caused by fluid buildup in the tissue under your skin. It starts from damage to your lymphatic system or damage to a lymph node. This swelling is often accompanied by aching, restricted motion, and infections.


We will massage the affected areas during lymphatic drainage therapy to move the built-up fluid to functioning lymph nodes. This will allow for proper draining, which reduces discomfort or pain.


Acute and chronic insomnia are sleep disorders that make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. By improving the circulation of your blood and lymph, this pain management technique promotes relaxation and helps you sleep easier.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Cost in Havertown, PA

The cost of lymphatic drainage therapy in Havertown, PA, can range from $50 to $150 per session. This cost depends on the length of your massage therapy treatment. For a more accurate estimate of what your lymphatic drainage therapy will cost, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lubrano today.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Procedure

Lymphatic drainage therapy involves the use of several different massage therapy techniques. Depending on your needs, we will gently massage your skin by stretching, compressing, gliding, and cupping the desired area. This form of pain management is gentle to stimulate your lymphatic system without damaging the vessel. This helps the movement of fluid to the lymph nodes. 


There are four types of lymphatic drainage therapies that can help relieve your pain. While they all stimulate and stretch the skin, they vary by technique.


  • Vodder: Involves sweeping motions around the target area. 

  • Foldi: This type of lymphatic drainage therapy uses elements of the Vodder technique while including circular hand motions and pauses for relaxation. 

  • Casley-Smith: This massage therapy technique involves the palms and sides of the hand to massage the area in circular motions. 

  • Leduc: Lymphatic drainage therapy involves small gentle hand motions that collect built-up fluid and direct it toward other lymph nodes and tissue. This motion pushes away fluid to encourage new fluid to fill the void.

Why Choose Lubrano Pain Center

Lubrano Pain & Spine Center in Havertown, PA, is here to help you treat your pains with safe and effective lymphatic drainage therapies. We treat patients with fibromyalgia, arthritis, lymphedema, and much more with natural remedies like massage therapy. Our team is experienced and dedicated to wellness practices and can help you manage your pain naturally.

Contact Our Pain Center Today

Do you want to know if lymphatic drainage therapy can help you manage your pain? To find out more about lymphatic drainage therapy in Havertown, call Lubrano Pain & Spine at (610) 446-4808 or email us at

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