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Chiropractor in Haverford, PA

Chiropractic Treatment at Lubrano Pain & Spine Center

Do you need fast, affordable, and holistic chiropractic treatment for your pain? Look no further. Dr. Tony Lubrano is an experienced chiropractor in Haverford, PA, specializing in holistic pain management solutions, like low-level laser therapy, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, cupping, acupuncture, and more! 


At Lubrano Pain & Spine Center, we practice natural solutions for pain management as an alternative to injections and medications. Chiropractic treatment is an effective way to treat your pain and help with issues like migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, insomnia, and more. 


If you need an experienced chiropractor in Haverford, PA, call us today at (610) 446-4808.

Conditions We Treat

Our chiropractor in Haverford, PA, can help you get the pain relief you need fast. At Lubrano Pain & Spine Center, we use cutting-edge technology and tailored treatments to ensure your pain management needs are met.

Back & Spine

The spine is a central part of your body, and pain can restrict your mobility and cause you to feel strained and uncomfortable. 


Back pain is split into two categories: upper and lower. Upper back pain is defined by pain between the base of your neck to the bottom of your rib cage. Lower back pain is between the bottom of your rib cage to the top of your hips. During chiropractic treatment, we will adjust the vertebrae of your spine to help relieve pain and inflammation. 


If you have back and spine pain that affects your everyday life, don’t wait. Call our chiropractor in Haverford, PA, to see how we can help with your pain management.

Sport Injuries

Our chiropractor treats a variety of sports injuries. Sports injuries can cause lingering pain, soreness, tightness, and other types of discomfort. Chiropractic treatments can assist in your recovery and pain management. 


Below are common sports injuries we treat: 

  • Plantar Fasciitis: This condition is common amongst cyclists and runners and is a sharp pain on the base of your foot. Plantar Fasciitis makes walking painful, but chiropractic therapy can treat the issue for fast pain relief. 

  • Sprains and Strains: Sprains are severe sports injuries that result from torn ligaments or joints forced into awkward positions. Strains result from the overstretching or tearing of muscles. In either case, chiropractic treatments can treat these conditions and aid in your recovery.  

  • Sciatica: Sciatica is common in highly mobile sports that require jumping and twisting, like basketball. It commonly results from a disc injury and extends from your lower back down one of your legs.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be a byproduct of past injuries, accidents, or illnesses. These chronic pains can be body pains, migraines, arthritis, muscle tension, or other types of discomfort. Our chiropractor can target your chronic pains with one of our effective chiropractic treatments.


If you have arthritis, Lupus, or other types of pain in your hips, feet, knees, or other joints, chiropractic treatments can help alleviate your pain. Joint pain is usually a result of inflammation in the joints or by the breakdown of cartilage. In either scenario, joint pain can make standard everyday activities difficult. 


At Lubrano Pain & Spine Center in Haverford, PA, our chiropractor offers chiropractic adjustments, cupping, acupuncture, massage therapy, and other therapeutic chiropractic treatments to help alleviate the pressure on your joints.

Chiropractic Therapies


In a chiropractic adjustment, our chiropractor applies quick force to your spine to correct misalignments in your vertebrae. Misalignments can cause inflammation and pressure on your nerves, causing pain that can radiate out to other parts of your body. Proper alignment of your spine can help your body heal.


At Lubrano Pain & Spine Center, our chiropractor uses cutting-edge cupping technology for our cupping therapy. Our technology uses dynamic suction and release technology in addition to a smart massage feature and red light therapy. Compared to standard cupping practices, our cupping methods and technology boost blood circulation to the affected area, which improves recovery time.

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy is relaxing and beneficial for your tight and sore muscles and overall pain management. Our massage therapist will massage your muscles, tendons, joints, and skin and treat your aches and pains. 


At our pain and spine center in Haverford, we offer several types of massage therapy: 

  • Deep Tissue Massage: Our massage therapist will use firm pressure with slower, deeper strokes to massage your deep muscle layers. Deep tissue massages break up scar tissue, reduce muscle tension, and increase blood flow to your muscles. 

  • Hot Stone: Using hot round stones, our massage therapist will warm your back and muscles. After your muscles are warm, we will massage your muscles and body. 

  • Lymphatic Massage: A lymphatic massage uses small circular hand motions to massage your lymph nodes. This helps remove built-up lymph and waste. 

  • Hydromassage: Our hydromassages use a water-filled mattress with pressurized jets to massage your muscles.


Acupuncture uses thin needles to stimulate your nerves and muscles. This is a painless treatment option that is proven to help treat headaches, migraines, arthritis, and other pains. We perform acupuncture in three steps: 

  • Insertion: Our chiropractor starts by inserting the thin needles into strategic positions. You will not feel the needles as they go into your skin. 

  • Manipulation: Once he inserts all of the needles, Dr. Lubrano may adjust or twirl the needles. 

  • Removal: One manipulation is done, there is a 20 minute waiting period. After which, we will remove the needles painlessly.

Areas we serve

Why Choose Lubrano Pain & Spine Center

Dr. Lubrano is a chiropractor in Haverford, PA, that has dedicated his career to holistic pain management solutions. His chiropractic treatments can help you manage, heal, and treat your pains. We tailor our pain management services to your needs, so you can get pain relief fast.

Patient Reviews

"As a powerlifting competitor, it is crucial to my success to keep my spine aligned and everything functioning at it's best. Not only are my visits with Dr. Tony necessary, I enjoy them every time and leave feeling my best!"

Ingmar C.

Powerlifting Competitor

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